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      November 03, 2009

      We are proud to announce new relationship with leading Internet coupon provider, Coupons.com. Thru coupons.com you can print thousands of coupons with your printer and SAVE lots of money on groceries. And the best thing: IT IS FREE.

      Free Grocery Coupons

      October 21, 2009

      Updated and verified survey page with our favorite survey company: Survey Adventure. The sign up process is a bit long, but it is worthed. One of my friends still making about $300 per month in "patty cash". Try it, you will not be sorry. If this not working for you, just resign. You can't lose. Webmaster.

      August 23, 2009

      We posted updated main page.

      July 13, 2009

      Started remodeling our website. Our old website had been unreliable and need to be changed.

      Welcome to redfes.com

      Welcome to our new improved website. Our goal is to help people in these hard economic times by providing numerous links to employment sites and agencies, or to our database which includes different approaches to the job search.


      As many of us experienced in the past several years, the job market is tough. Jobs are scarce, hard to find, and sometimes difficult to remain employed. Job search engines like monster.com, careerbuilder.com, worktree.com, beyond.com, justtechjobs.com, JobMarketAccessCenter, etc, can help you with the jobs search. After finding an available position, you still have to "sell" yourself and your capabilities.


      The presentation of your skills and qualifications to the potential employer is on your shoulders. If you need help with the resume writing, you can ask your friends, your spouse, local colleges, or go to specialized companies ( Resume Rabbit, HotResumes.com, e-resume.net, resumezappaer.com, EmailMyResume.com) for professional help. My wife paid a professional resume writer approximately $50 to rewrite her resume and she found job in less than two weeks.

      Work from home

      Another type of employment is to work from home as a contractors or freelancer. I still do contract jobs aside from my regular employment. Elance.com, guru.com, getafreelancer.com, photography.com, are well trusted sites and just the tip of an iceberg in that field. Check your skills to see which field of contracting you can enter. But, you have to be careful to not to fall to work-from-home scams. Been there, done that.


      One area which has a "bad reputation" as work-from-home is doing surveys. There are many survey companies who are legitimate and they are paying rewards in cash. My survey webpage has list of survey companies to check. The surveys are time consuming but they are an additional source of income. You can earn from $30 to $200 per month filling out surveys.

      Credit reports

      With the huge pool of potential candidates, employers have lots of candidates to choose from. If you are called for an interview, prepare thoroughly. Check your credit history because prospective employers will try to verify the information you put on your resume and a negative credit history can be detrimental. Here are some websites you can use for your credit history check: Equifax 3-in-1 Now!, 7-day FREE by Credit Report, Fico Scores/Reports, etc.





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      Womens health questions
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